12th anniversary of Afghanpharma Company

In 15 June 2006, the 12th anniversary of Afghanpharma Company was celebrated in Araina-Kabul Hotel in Kabul City. The ceremony was honored by the attendance of: Dr. Sadrudin Sahar, first Deputy of Minister of health Dr. Nadera Hayat, second deputy of Minister of health Colonel Azimi, Representative of Ministry of Defense Dr. Fahim, Dr. Frootan and Mr Fahimi, the consultants of H.E the minister of health Dr. Azizulha Akhgar, Head of Provinces Health Dept. Head of Military and Civil Hospitals. Dr. Aesha and Dr. M. Kazim Naimi from Pharmacy Dept. And more than 600 Professors, specialists and doctors from Kabul City were invited in this ceremony. At 10:30 the anniversary was started by telawat of Ayets from Holy Qoran, after that Mr. Zelmay Atefi, Managing Director of Afghanpharma Company, Had speech about the company's aims and its strong mission and vision for the future. Besides he mentioned of obstacles facing the company toward s importing medicines and requested from authorities in considering the issues and providing facilities.

Also he announced inauguration of Afghanpharma pharmaceutical Industries with cooperation of Julphar Company in near future, which would be a big step toward countries self-sufficiency. After that Mr. Baryalay Atefi, Marketing Director of the company, talked about the activities of the company in various parts and indicated the causes of why we chose Julphar for Cooperation with Afghanpharma Pharmaceutical Industries. After that, Dr. Jawid Atef, Medical information director, talked about the Position of Afghanpharma importation Items from view of quality via explaining about Julphar Products Quality and their position in the world. After that Dr. Nadera Hayat, Deputy of MOH, talked about the importance of Importing products with efficacy and high quality, specially the ones imported by Afghanpharma Company, and named the facilities provided for Medicine companies. At the end of her speech she appreciated starting the construction of Manufacturing company in the country and congratulated the big step for the owners ,and the support of Julphar in this regard. After that Dr. Moh. Kazim Naimi, Head of Pharmaceutical Dept. talked about the world's standards for medicine and some statistics of Pharmacy Dept. and acknowledged that

Afghanpharma is importing high quality medicines. After that, afghanpharma exhibition hall was, inaugurated by, deputies of MOH. In this hall there were the Machet of Afghanpharma Pharmaceutical industries, Afghanpharma imported products samples, brochures, posters. Also the materials which were provided by Media Dept. of the company such as: Magazines, news papers, product lists, CDs and All the attendants of the ceremony visited all parts of the exhibition hall, after that the visitors served the special lunch, after lunch all the attendants come back to participate the (Quraa ceremony): Two Hajj travel, five latest Computer machines, ten sets of 21inch color TV, twenty gold coins, ten mobile sets, ten cooking Microwave ovens, ten washing machines, ten vacuum cleaner were the items considered for Quraa ceremony. All the attendants including happy winners, beside thanking and appreciating afghanpharma company's activities, wished for afghanpharma success and announced their co - operation. For example one of the doctors said: "this ceremony was unique in its type in Afghanistan, doctors were surprised and I can claim that its reflection will be very good."

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12th anniversary of Afghanpharma Company

In 15 June 2006, the 12th anniversary of Afghanpharma Company was celebrated in Araina-Kabul Hotel...

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