Report from: 2nd International conference on Infectious and Gastrointestinal

The scope of Infectious and Gastrointestinal Disease and their related specialties are changing dramatically with rapidly advancing developments in this field.

Therefore the second International conference on Infectious and Gastrointestinal diseases was held between medical community of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Islamic Republic of Iran in order to discuss about the newest achievement in this field and provide an ideal opportunity to both countries for working in this region, to present their experience, exchange ideas and forge contacts for future collaboration. There were 750 national and international participants included professors, doctors, pharmacists in Kabul Ariana hall-Kabul city from 30th to 31st of May 2007. This conference was held on financial aid and cooperation of AfghanPharma and Exir Pharmaceutical Company, with support of directorate of Pharmacy and Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan.

Minister of public Health of Afghanistan, adjutant of health and fertilization and other governmental authorities active in health sector and international organizations of health and pharmaceutical sectors were participating in this conference.
“Organizing such scientific and research conference is very important for a better research of medical services”. Minister of public health said during his speech.

After that chairman and general manager of Afghanpharma company Mr. Zalmai Hatefi spoke about the positive effects of such conferences on friendly relations between Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Islamic republic of Iran and called it a need for both neighboring countries. Mr Hatefi also spoke about the history of Afghanpharma Company and its activities range.   
Then Doctor saied Hamid Mostafawy, marketing and sells manager of Exir Company spoke about the same issue and laid stress on brotherhood between two neighboring countries. He also defined the position of Exir Company in this direction.
After that, Professor Abdul Qhasem Ahmady head of Gastrointestinal and endoscopy association of Afghanistan gave information about efforts of the association and asked for continuation of holding such scientific conferences.
Next, Professor Abdul Reza Sodbakhsh, professor Nehmatullah Junidy and doctor Mortaza Eizady from Iran and also doctor Nesar Ahmad Hamraz from Afghanistan presented their Topics to the audience about the infectious diseases. Then came the exchange of views session.

The second day of the conference was assigned for gastro intestinal disease. In this session, professor Shamsabady head of digestive and hepatic disease research center of Tehran medical university, doctor Raika Jamali and doctor Nasrin Zendadel from Iran, Dr. Khwaja Qhamaruddin  Sedeqi and Dr. Masoud Abdally from Afghanistan spoke about the most significant argumentations of digestive system. There was also a question and answer session wherein participants got a chance for views exchange. At the end prizes and souvenir (golden coins and valuable medical books) were distributed to 30 participants of this session by lot.
A co-operational and scientific collaboration agreement between digestive and hepatic disease research center of Tehran medical university, gastrointestinal association of Afghanistan, Exir Pharmaceutical Company and Afghanpharma Distributing group was signed at the side of this conference. The exhibition of Exir Pharmaceutical products was also inaugurated during this conference.

This was followed by the closing session. Appreciation and praise letters prepared by Afghanpharma and Exir Company were distributed to the board of Ministry of Public Health, Directorate of Pharmacy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and participants whose topics were chosen preferable at this conference.

Afghanpharma Company also distributed special prizes and souvenir to the board of Exir Company.
Recreative programs were also organized during, as well at the end of the conference.
It is good to mention that this conference was extensively covered by media inside the country because of its importance.

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