Afghan doctors attendinding a conference

Afghan doctors attending a conference on infectious diseases of tropical regions in Iran.

In order to build capacity for afghan doctors and cooperate with Afghan medical society, Afghanpharma Distributing group sponsors the participation of Afghan doctors in many international conferences and workshops every year.
This time Afghanpharma sponsored the participation of 30 afghan doctors to a conference on infectious diseases of tropical regions in Iran, in cooperation with Exir Pharmaceutical Company and financial aid of Afghanpharma distributing group.

A four day conference which was the 18th conference in its sort was held in Tehran- Iran.  Following issues were spoken and discussed at this conference:

  • The newest Influenza (H1 N1), prevention and cure with vaccination.
  • Hepatitis disease (Hepatitis B), the newest method for prevention and cure.
  • Tuberculosis and Malaria, areal problems and prevention against these diseases in spreading areas.
  • Cure of gastro intestinal diseases

There was also a scientific meeting between afghan doctors and general head of infectious diseases researches association of Iran. At this meeting both sides exchanged their view points of health. This meeting is called a useful meeting for both countries’ specialists. 

One more significant achievement at this conference was when two afghan doctors were admitted as members of Iranian Hepatic association.

Team of Afghan doctors visited Exir Pharmaceutical industries that were indeed another purpose of this trip. Afghan doctors visited the production process, high standards of products quality and machines, professional workers and exportation to more than 25 countries in the world.

After this visit, afghan doctors were encouraged and interested in prescribing and advertising Exir products for their patients through the country.

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