Our Team

Afghanpharma is proud of highly trained team of doctors, medical engineers, pharmacists, and technicians serving manufacturing, supply, sales, marketing and distribution services.

The company employees more than 724 qualified personnel - 72 Sales and Marketing Managers, 167 Medical Professionals (medical doctors, pharmacists, and medical assistants) and 12 medical engineers & technicians, while part of this family manages finance, supply chain, logistics, administrative and human resources functions.

Human resource is at the core of company success, in order to keep the success ongoing and progressive, it requires an organized schedule of building resources. Hence, along with regular on job trainings, the staff regularly attends refresher-training courses/seminars/conferences related to their lines of profession both inside as well as outside of the country periodically.

Latest News

Sunday 04. December 2016

Scientific Conference of Arg International Hotel

The program was held in Conference Halls of Arg International Hotel. At the beginning, the message...

Thursday 01. December 2016

scientific Conference of Mehraban Hospital

In the series of scientific programs, Marketing Mangement of Afghanpharma International Company has...

Thursday 16. April 2015

The 2nd international conference

of medical imaging and advanced technology Balkh-Afghanistan sponsored by Afghanpharma Co Ltd

Sunday 12. April 2015

The second International conference on medical imaging & advanced technology

Afghanpharma Company is delighted to announce its great succession for holding the second...

Saturday 11. April 2015

Report from: 2nd International conference on Infectious and Gastrointestinal

The scope of Infectious and Gastrointestinal Disease and their related specialties are changing...

Friday 10. April 2015

12th anniversary of Afghanpharma Company

In 15 June 2006, the 12th anniversary of Afghanpharma Company was celebrated in Araina-Kabul Hotel...

Thursday 09. April 2015

Afghan doctors attendinding a conference

Afghan doctors attending a conference on infectious diseases of tropical regions in Iran.

Monday 16. March 2015

The 1st International Conference of Medical Imaging

The 1st International Conference of Medical Imaging and Advanced Technology
Kabul – Afghanistan


Saturday 14. February 2015

International Conference on Medical Imaging and Advanced Technology

Afghanpharma: The 1st International Conference on Medical Imaging and Advanced Technology

Tuesday 13. January 2015

Regional Business Conference on Afghanistan

Regional Business Conference on Afghanistan, New Delhi November 18, 2006, was the title of the...